A Vision Is Born

A Vision Is Born

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So glad you have found us! Come on in, make yourself comfortable and put up your feet. Today we are excited to start with the first in a series of sessions on PURA, the world’s first cryptocurrency for the common good.

Wait a minute. Common good and currency, how do these two add up? Maybe you are well versed in the market and have researched a million websites on the subject for hours. Or you are among those that think that crypto currencies for those nerds that hide behind their screens all day, eat pizza and hotsauce and pay in Bitcoins. Or for those rich guys that live on yachts and know how to make big bucks? And what about my Auntie Lillian – she does things for the common good because she visits the elderly in a nursing home?

We are living in a turbulent times and the world is transforming before our eyes at this very moment. While billions of transactions are taking place online every second of the day 24/7, you know what your friend in Australia had for lunch, and your grocery store knows to the ounce about your weakness for apple juice, the oceans are full of plastic, the climate is rapidly changing and massive deforestation is taking place worldwide, destroying the very foundations of our planet.

And this is where the long-term vision for PURA comes in – the vision for a cryptocoin that was born to bring back fairness and democratic freedom and to bring forth a decentralized global community of collaborators. PURA is set to become the first coin to fund and track sustainable, environmental and social projects around the globe, with 10% of all PURA created automatically contributed to the common good. So keep watching us and drinking your organic apple juice or get in touch with us right away to receive further information on how to join and get all the PURA news firsthand! Click here to receive our newsletter:


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