Blockchain Basics 17 – Blockchain and Dental Health

Blockchain Basics 17 – Blockchain and Dental Health

Improving the Quality of Medical Care

The Future of Medical Data

More comprehensive dental examinations are one example of how blockchain technology can improve the quality of medical care. In line with this, blockchain provides a reliable and compliant way of securely storing patient data and examination results. At the same time, it shares information along with a dental healthcare network. The dental health sector of the healthcare industry is making notable strides in cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. Three projects paving the way are MediBloc, Dentacoin, and DentaFix.

Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital (KHUDH), the third-largest dental hospital in Korea, was one of the first to enter into a partnership with MediBloc – an app that allows patients to control their own medical data and monetize it if desired. The app allows patients to gain access to and control over their own confidential medical information. It helps reduce the cost of treatment by eliminating unnecessary testing and procedures. Also, it aims to improve communication between patients and doctors. The MediBloc token also gives patients an opportunity to monetize their own medical data.

No Need for the Tooth Fairy

MediBloc isn’t the only token with its sights on the dental industry. Dentacoin was the first blockchain distributed ledger technology developed for dentists and patients that follow the decentralized, smart contract protocol of the Ethereum. Its iOS app rewards patients for contributing reviews and recruiting participants with a token called “Dentacoin.” The first clinic that partnered with Dentacoin was SWISS Dentaprime, implementing the use of Dentacoin towards patient payment methods and to enhance its client rewards program. After hearing about Dentacoin’s successful launch with SWISS Dentaprime, London’s F3T Dental Clinic joined the network.

Dentacoin core developer Jeremias Grenzebach explains in a recent interview with nulltx. “There are just a few other apps on the market with a similar purpose. However, Dentacare has its distinctive characteristics. Firstly, focus in on establishing habits: not on encouraging one-time efforts. The 3-month Dentacare program aims to educate people on the importance of oral hygiene and prevention, everything in a fun and gamified environment.

Dental Data Technology

The inherent incentive system is another unique feature of Dentacare. Only users who adhere to the recommendations within the app – throughout the whole 3-month program (and afterward upon desire) – get rewards for their efforts and good results with Dentacoin tokens. Therefore, the incentives serve, not only as an initial trigger for using the app, but they also motivate consistency. The earned tokens have a real-world value. They are for “trading on international exchange platforms, storage for potential value multiplication and/or use as a means of payment for dental services at clinics in 13 countries around the world.”

Will these blockchain apps developed specifically for dental health find a place in other areas of medicine? The makers of DentaFix believe they will. Every other industry, such as office supplies, e-commerce, auto parts suppliers currently use the same pattern for data and supply chain management. So, instead of building new technology, successful models within the dental industry will be tweaked to fit others.




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