Cryptocurrency News – Why You Should Buy PURA Now!

Cryptocurrency News – PURA Video Message

Watch this new PURA video that is bound to unite the PURA Community! Find out the latest cryptocurrency news and what happens when a community stands up. Please like and share on all social media channels and in your community to show everyone that we have the power to change something together. Together we are strong – if we all work together and are willing to make a difference! Read on below for the full script of the message!

Markus from the Official PURA Telegram Channel

Hi, I’m Markus. You know me from the second interview with Austin and Mazza together.

AAAAH!!!  The price is down at 16 cents at the moment!

Today with PURA, everyone is getting panicked. This is the reason is why we made this video.

We discovered that in this Telegram Group the negative postings are a lot more than the positive ones. And we want to get you back on track.

We also want to tell everybody here there is no need for panic. This is the usual way the market works.


Supply and Demand

The market is based on supply and demand.

The supply is there – that is the problem, the price is going down, there is more supply than demand here. So, let’s have a look at demand. What about the demand? How can I try to improve demand?

The First Part of Demand – DESIRE

The first thing people need is desire, desire to buy PURA.

For that they have to know about the project, they have to know about the background.

PURA, our project, is a great project.

Everybody, obviously in this group knows what new functions are planned for the PURA coin. It will be the Number One coin, technologically, in a couple of weeks. So, we are very, very excited about this.

The Second Part of Demand – THE ABILITY TO PAY

The second thing we need for demand is the ability to pay. There are some people who want to invest into cryptocurrency and when they have a first look at the Telegram channel and all the see is “Oh! &$!#%! My Lambo is not here!” and “Things don’t work out like I planned it!”. Also: “Why is the information so bad? Why does not Thomas not say anything? Why is Avalon blablabla?”  This is bull&$!#% !

The Third Part of Demand – THE WILLINGNESS TO PAY

The third thing is the willingness to pay! And this is the main problem at the moment. Nobody is willing to buy PURA at the moment because of certain circumstances. If you have a negative trend in your coin, everybody thinks “I’ll wait, I’ll wait.” But this is not true. The best time to buy PURA is now!

How The Market Works

Because we are never going to see a lower price than we see today. The price will increase. I will show you on the graph how the cryptocurrency market usually works.

In the beginning, you can compare with a train picking up speed. You have to first take off in the stealth phase. We already had that in September of last year. Then we have the awareness phase. The first people are selling to cash out because they say, “Whatever, I have made my five to ten percent, I wanna cash out.” Then comes the big, big increase phase. We have the media attention, the enthusiasm, they call it the mania phase. Then comes greed, like in all cryptocurrency greed is the number one motivation to buy something. Then you have delusion, then it goes down, down, down. And at the moment we are here. At this moment!

We are at the blow-off phase. The despair phase. Everybody is waiting and waiting and is desperate. So, don’t panic! Don’t sell your &$!#% PURAs at this moment because it is a great project! We have planned so many great things and it will work out. What the problem is at the moment are trust and loyalty, both of them. If you find your trust and loyalty, post it in the Telegram Group and others will follow you.

The Best Time to Buy PURA is Now!

We are a movement, we are all sitting in the same boat. I am invested in PURA. Everybody else in the group is obviously invested in PURA. We are sitting in the same boat. So as long as we don’t try to push the train together, to start again with a new cycle, it will stay here at the lowest point of the chart.

I want to appeal to everyone in this group:

Stop with this negative bull&$!#% ! Believe in PURA, PURA is a great project!

You got the information from the development team frequently. They told you already what new features are planned. And this is the point where I want to say to you: everybody will make their &$!#% Lambo and PURA will go to the moon, one hundred percent. So, ask everybody you know to post in other channels as well:

This is the best time to buy PURA – NOW!

We thank all our community members for their support and for spreading these cryptocurrency news in the community and beyond!

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