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Pay in PURA for your driving lessons

We are proud to welcome among our PURA merchants. Drivecompany cc. Fahrschule Schwedenplatz, one of Vienna’s premier driving schools, is now accepting PURA. Willy Koblizeck and his expert staff are dedicated to providing students with the essential foundations for passing their driving exams. Also, aspiring drivers are learning responsible driving and safe driving practices. Moreover, to cover all needs, a wide range of training packages is available for individual student requirements. In the same way, students are free to choose the driving instructor and state-of-the-art vehicle of their choice. In addition, the staff at the driving school also helps you with the bureaucratic administration and processing of your applications with Austrian Traffic Authorities, therefore assisting students in getting their license without hassle. To get your license and to find out more, visit Fahrschule Schwedenplatz.


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