We have 25.000 PURA wallet addresses!

We have 25.000 PURA wallet addresses!

8.000 new PURA addresses in just one month!

25.000 PURA Wallet Addresses

Remember how we reported on more than 17.000 PURA wallet addresses here in November? In the meantime, we have reached the hallmark of 25.000 wallet addresses. That is an increase of 8.000 (!) wallet addresses in barely more than one month! The number of wallet addresses does not exactly reflect the number of wallets being held. Still, this figure shows the sustainable and viable development of the PURA coin.

Massive Increase as Mass Adoption is Underway

Given these points, we want to thank you, our PURA community, for your incomparable trust and faith in building PURA together with us. Your loyalty and support towards mass adoption of the PURA coin are among the cornerstones of pushing ahead along with us. With this in mind, we will keep working hard to remain ahead of the competition. The team is working on developing PURA further to leave behind all slow and expensive networks. As you know, we have set a number of benchmarks that we want to reach with PURA Aurora in 2018 and based on the drive of our PURA community backing us up, we are bound to achieve them.



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  2. Tuyệt vời, pura, pura vida!

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