PURA’s new partner – the ecosystems behind OpenLedger

PURA’s new partner – the ecosystems behind OpenLedger

OpenLedger DEX

On Galaxies, Ecosystems and Graphene

After PURA trading began on OpenLedger yesterday, we promised you more information on this unique and innovative trading platform. OpenLedger is much more than just a cryptocurrency exchange – their services are a collection of “ecosystems”, the OpenLedger DC (Decentralized Conglomerate). OpenLedger regards their ecosystems as similar to a collection of solar systems in a galaxy. Hence the beautiful visual on their website.

OpenLedger DEX, the cryptocurrency exchange, constitutes the center of the galaxy. Other OpenLedger ecosystems, such as OBITS and ICOO, revolve around the platform. All ecosystems run on the BitShares platform and run on Graphene.

OpenLedger is very active in the development and establishment of the BitShares blockchain. In line with this, the team is working on  “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS) solutions, offering customers a way to test technological developments through cloud services before choosing to employ them in-house. Graphene is an open-source blockchain implementation with a modular design, making it adaptable to many different uses.

At the hub is OpenLedger DEX, a decentralized exchange for trading in all capacities and for all experience levels. PURA trading on OpenLedger started yesterday. Deposits and withdrawal of both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat funds (government-issued currencies such as USD and EUR) are available.

OBITS are the official share tokens of the OpenLedger DC for earning profits from the organization, highly similar to ordinary shareholding in a traditional company. HubDSP is OpenLedger’s advertising platform to enable optimal targeting of end-users at the lowest possible cost. Other ecosystems are OpenLedger’s crowdfuding solutions and token sales.

PURA is very proud to be listed on a decentralized exchange such as OpenLedger. OpenLedger is a state-of-the-art player in the fintech industry. We are certain that the vast range of innovative blockchain solutions for private investors and businesses will change the landscape of cryptocurrencies.

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