PURA 101 – all the information you need

PURA 101 – all the information you need

Start now and find out all about PURA

All the information you have been looking for to start in cryptocurrency

Start your day with a little PURA Vida! Lately many of you have been writing us messages and asking us questions on social media regarding cryptocurrencies in general. You were looking to know more about PURA and the very basics on how to enter the world of crypto. It is a brand-new world out there in the realm of blockchain technology and a lot of general information on cryptocurrencies online. Still, it is difficult to find a really simple guide on where to really start. We promise you – it can get confusing but with our information you can take it step-by-step and start today! Given that, we have now set up a new section on our website called “Get started” with all the information you need.

If you are a newcomer to crypto or are just looking for an overview or to share this information with friends and family, you have come to the right place. Of course, we are always happy if you share our content on Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on the icons below and spread the word. Please let us know what you think. For example, do you feel any information is missing? What else should we consider adding? We are always happy about your feedback!

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  1. So beautiful ! How to make the brand of PURA from the logo image, the marketing image I like too

    P or PURA money, how much money also flow to PURA, acclaim PURA

  2. Perfect! This is what everyone needs to get started with pura!

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