PURA is announcing cooperation with BITXATM

PURA is announcing cooperation with BITXATM

PURA ATMs set to launch worldwide

BITXATM is among the world’s market leaders in cryptocurrency ATMs

PURA Vida everyone – we cannot wait to share today’s news with you! We know that it has been tricky so far to buy PURA with cash and to withdraw cryptocurrency in cash. Well, this challenge has now been solved with BITXATM, one of the global market leaders in Crypto ATMs! BITXATM features the most advanced technology of all providers – every SumoATM can also be utilized as POS without necessary additional modifications. We are pleased to announce that effective immediately all SumoATMs are outfitted with a function to buy PURA with cash. We are planning to install about 1.500 SumoATMs with PURA implementation worldwide over the course of 2018, so watch out for one coming near you!

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  1. wow, I hold Pura for 5 year

  2. Great!!! I’m waiting this news

  3. I trust PURA. I love Pura!

  4. I Love Pura!

  5. Comment. Tôi tin tưởng Pura sẽ là duy nhất làm được điều này ngay từ ngày đầu khi tôi biết đến Pura và hôm nay tôi càng yêu Pura hơn…Pura tuyệt vời

    1. Comment. I believe Pura will be the only one to do this from day one when I know Pura and today I love Pura more … Pura is amazing

  6. das ist ja absolut der Hit!

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