PURA Aurora – the Rise of Intelligence

PURA Aurora – the Rise of Intelligence

PURA Introduces PURA Aurora

Network Optimization Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobile Mining, and Common Nodes

PURA cryptocurrency, the world’s first socially and environmentally conscious cryptocurrency is announcing the release of PURA Aurora Artificial Intelligence (AI). This opens the door to a new era in cryptocurrency, while simultaneously introducing PURA Mobile Mining. Therefore, PURA brings mining directly within reach of all users.

The new PURA wallet is free. It is available for download for both desktop and mobile devices. The release closes the gap with a more practical cross-platform. This switches hash and difficulty functions for ASIC-resistance and allows users to seamlessly shift between multiple platforms. Correspondingly, the feature results in drastically reduced transaction times. Furthermore, users will also receive all future wallet upgrades and updates automatically. There is no more need for hard forks and swaps.

The PURA wallet’s new dashboard boasts greater performance in all standard operations like send and receive transactions. Simultaneously, the display shows a user’s balance with comparisons to real-time exchange rates. A link to historical data includes a search feature for locating specific transactions. The state-of-the-art mining module opens the door to PURA’s more practical revenue and rewards structure that evens the playing field for all miners, large and small.

To download the new wallet on Github, please click here.

PURA Aurora AI

Moreover, PURA Aurora AI introduces several layers of artificial intelligence into the blockchain. The result is a robust “emergent” network of self-organizing nodes that optimize efficiency and safety. Real-time communication between nodes trigger a network map that instantly restructures and re-routes itself in the event of a network outage. PURA Aurora AI’s machine-learning technology is also one of the lightest AI implementations capable of training and running on the raspberry pi and mobile devices.

Push-to-Deploy Masternodes

After release of the new wallet, the upgraded PURA interface for both desktop and mobile includes a simple push to deploy common and masternode buttons. These buttons are built directly into the wallet. This feature will automatically become available to users as soon as the coins a user holds qualifies for these rewards. Users have to hold 1,000 PURA to qualify for common nodes, 100,000 PURA for masternodes. Just push the button and automatically receive rewards back into your wallet as they are released (less a small fee). PURA is the first-ever push-to-deploy node system for both desktop and mobile.

Common Nodes

Additionally, PURA is also unveiling its Common Node. This unique node is similar to the smaller masternode in providing incentives and rewards. However, it requires less investment at only 1,000 PURA and no special web hosting. Traditional “masternodes” and “supernodes” were either for very early adopters or wealthy investors. PURA’s new Common Node is sure to drive adaptation among “common” investors. It will give all users the opportunity to profit with the potential to reach masternode status.

About PURA

As an international digital currency, PURA liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately, and instantly across a peer-to-peer network secured by the blockchain. As a conscious cash movement for the common good, ten percent of all PURA created is contributed to PURAPlanet. This is a treasury trust dedicated to fund and track sustainable, environmental, and social projects around the globe. PURA Aurora’s strategic development and core technology are changing the development process from the ground up. The PURA Aurora AI update featuring mobile mining potentially makes PURA the most advanced blockchain payment coin the cryptocurrency market to date. For more information regarding PURA, PURA Aurora AI, and the PURA wallet, please visit: http://mypura.io and read the PURA Whitepaper.



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  1. Execelente Hora si a sacarle provecho a estas actualizaciones y a compartir PURA con el mundo

  2. Hipp Hipp Hurray!! PURA Aurora has arrived!! We are so proud of this new technology. Thank you so much to the PURA Development team for making this happen!

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