PURA Aurora – a new dimension in cryptocurrency

PURA Aurora – a new dimension in cryptocurrency

PURA Aurora is transforming the fintech industry

Watch our PURA AURORA keynote to find out more!

Finally – PURA is about to transform the world of cryptocurrencies with a brand-new innovation. The team is proud to introduce the summary of the PURA Aurora keynote. Many of you have been waiting for this –  so watch our video for breaking news that will augment existing technologies in an unprecedented way.

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Introduction – What is PURA?

Pura Vida everyone and welcome to our PURA release event in Ho Chi Minh City!
We are so glad all of you could make it here today!

We have gathered today to introduce a technological innovation unprecedented in the world of cryptocurrencies – PURA Aurora, a new development after the PURA Dawn update last summer. PURA Aurora is bound to impact the future of Blockchain technology and the financial technology industry around the world.

But first I want to say a few words about our vision – our foundation, what all our dedication and work at PURA is based upon. PURA is a cryptocurrency that is different from other coins in several regards. We are living in the 21st century, in a time of rapid change that is affecting all of us around the globe. You could say our world is spinning at a pace that mankind has never experienced before. Individuals – like you and I – want to be personally and politically empowered and to effect change, to live independently, to live well in safe and healthy environment. But for many of us this is not enough – we want to make a difference in society.

Global Developments

It is no longer socially and morally acceptable to ignore negative global developments. We all feel deeply affected when confronted with inequality, with poverty, with negligence, with pollution. We feel the urge to make a change and we feel the need to enable each other and to have regard for the needs of each other.

That is why we at PURA believe that individuals are fundamentally good, and by giving you a voice, a choice, and a way to collaborate, our shared will that we all pursue together benefits society and the world. In order to achieve this together, PURA was founded to provide the tools and the environment for individual users to vote on the funding of social and environmental projects proposed by the community.

Therefore PURA is a digital cash movement for the common good. PURA is based on an advanced and successful cryptocurrency protocol that has mass adoption strategies built into its protocol design. Our objective at PURA is to achieve mass acceptance by the mainstream and to provide an alternative to centrally organized social contribution.

Decentralized Social Responsibility

PURA wants to provide you and society as a whole with a foundation to practice decentralized social responsibility and contribution. We want to put putting decision-making power on how funds for common good are back into your hands because it is people like you who want to make a difference.

We want to establish an environment that pioneers a new method of societal organization and we want to enable you to make a difference to work towards the common good for all. And for those of you who have just recently joined in, I want to say a few words on the history of PURA.

PURA History

The PURA project originally started in 2016 with an idea to create a fast payment coin for mass adoption.

For that reason the development team analyzed the whole range of payment coins on the market and realized that DASH was technically the most advanced payment coin on the market at this time.

The concept of PURA was born and the PURA Core Development Team took the DASH Blockchain and released an improved version called PURA DAWN, which took place less than three months ago.

The DAWN Update brought features like:


The possibility of fast payments option as an additional (optional) feature to send Pura superfast to other wallets


It is also possible to mix up coins and keep your privacy in the Pura environment


We created a Masternode system to attract early adopters and changed the Block reward in a way that Masternode owners get more rewards than miners (split 60% to the Masternode community and 40% to the mining community).


PURA also introduced a brand new Algorithm to adjust the difficulty in mining called “Delta Dif” and introduced as a “FAIR MINING FEATURE” and first of its kind as a crypto coin.

At the very same time, our PURA Core Development Team, months ago started the development of a totally new Blockchain parallel In the background.

This brand new Blockchain enables us to launch a new update for PURA, which will fundamentally change the market by implementing the best Blockchain payment coin that the market has ever witnessed. We do this through strategic development and by leveraging our core technology by changing the development process from the ground up.

Ladies and Gentlemen – This is PURA AURORA!

PURA AURORA is not only an update – it is the start of a new ERA in the Cryptocurrency Space. Pura Aurora will guide us along it’s journey over the next few weeks with a series of new – never seen before – features of a Cryptocurrency.

But let me stop – why don’t we ask the developers behind Pura to introduce the features of Pura?

Please welcome Vince Fullerton and Bobby Lafever – the heads of development of Pura, based out of the United States.

Introducing Pura Aurora

Good morning! I’m Vince Fullerton, and I’m Bobby Lafever, and we’re the Development Team Leaders for Pura

Team Pura is honored to be with you today to bring you exciting developments in our fast growing community. First, we are proud to announce the Aurora release of Pura.

What is Aurora?

– All new auto-updating wallet with cross-platform compatibility
– Requires no hard forks or swaps
– Introduces Mobile Mining and Pura Planet
– Network optimization driven by Artificial Intelligence

Let’s take a minute to talk about the new wallet. When you download the new Pura wallet, you will be immersed into the new Pura ecosystem and you will receive all future features and updates automatically. What does that mean for you? No hard forks or swaps ever again.

And with Pura’s all new cross-platform compatibility, you’ll enjoy seamless switching between multiple platforms.

Available for download December 15th for Windows and Linux, available early 2018 for Mac, web, Android and iOS.

So here it is! Your new Pura dashboard… it has everything you need, at a glance. All standard operations can be performed directly from the dashboard.

From here, you can send and receive Pura, quickly and securely, to anyone, with ultra-low transaction fees. Check your balances with real-time exchange rates and historical charts. Monitor and manage Pura mining. See all transactions and history, at a glance.

With each interaction, we are working to continually improve and simplify the user experience.

For instance, when sending Pura, we can select previous or favorite recipients using auto-complete. Specify the amount to send in Pura, or in other currencies, using real-time exchange rates.

Receive payment provides multiple request options.

Pura’s goal is to provide a fair and equal mining opportunity, putting it in reach of anyone with a mobile device.

By switching our hash and difficulty functions and ensuring ASIC-resistance, we’re closing the gap between desktop and mobile, making mobile mining far more practical.

Mining Pura is easy, and you’ll have full control over the resources of your device. Just set the speed and go!

Browse recent transactions directly from the dashboard, or use the transaction history modal to search for specific transactions.

We will be implementing a new node type in early 2018. The Common node is similar to a smaller Masternode, but requires only 1000 Pura and does not need special web hosting. Common nodes receive block fees of 0.1 Pura.

Perhaps our most innovative ongoing development is the integration of our efficient machine learning technology into the Pura wallets.

Our artificial intelligence implementation is one of the lightest in the world, capable of training and running on the raspberry pi and mobile devices.

With AI, we’ll  significantly speed up transaction times and optimize efficiency with a robust “emergent” network of self-organizing nodes.

Pura Aurora – The Era of Change, The Future of Creation, The Rise of Intelligence

PURA Planet

We are also very excited to announce the addition of Pura Planet.

Let us say a few words what PURA Planet is all about. We are living in times in which our planet is being devastated by environmental damage, extremes in climate, the failure of unsustainable economies and the largest shift in wealth in the history of the earth to the smallest percentage of the population. The competition for scarce resources among the world’s population is growing.

This competition is leading us to take extreme measures to supposedly improve our social standing.

It makes people cut down rainforests that took millions of years to evolve within three days, just to buy more living space, more cars and to live a life in luxury.

The time has come for us to change this mindset of focusing only on ourselves and our immediate wellbeing and to start thinking resourcefully, sustainably and in the context of mankind and society as a whole. We have to work as a network and to support and preserve the planet to make sure our children and all creatures have a planet to live on in the future.

PURA is a digital cash movement for the common good that brings together like-minded people in a network and shows us the future of DAO. PURA is the foundation of a happy, free and harmonious future for all.

The decentralization of cryptocurrencies is a completely new and fair approach towards the control of money supply. Decentralization of the money supply affords us the chance to redistribute resources to society. This means PURA Planet is a real game changer!

There is a number of PURA Planet projects in the pipeline. This way we can save the world, one coin at a time. With the built-in PURA Planet feature, a certain percentage of all mining rewards mined with PURA will be donated to a cause of your choice regarding research and environmental and social projects. We are planning projects in fields like energy conservation, water cleaning, food supply projects for developing countries and more. You can then simply select from a list of network verified causes. Your Pura wallet will support this feature automatically in early 2018. So stay tuned for the launch!

Questions & Answers Section

Q: How does the AI Implementation work and how does it benefit the network?

A: There are many layers of potential integration of AI into Blockchain. The first of our implementations will be at the network level. AI in the wallet allows real-time optimization of communication between nodes. From the tests that we’ve conducted, using AI at the node level, which is completely unaware of the overall network topology, tends to find near-perfect harmony with the rest of the network. This means the network map forms dynamically given the current network conditions. It also provides instantaneous restructuring and re-routing in the event of network outage. In addition, transactions will confirm much faster as a result of optimal communication.

Q: When exactly will the mobile wallets be available?

A: By the 15th of February, or hopefully earlier, we will add iOS and Android Wallets to the network.

Q: How can I get rewards from mobile mining?

A: Rewards will automatically be displayed in the user interface through the mobile wallet. Regardless of the device that you are using you will be able to monitor real time mining rewards through your wallet, both through mobile and desktop.

Q: At the first presentation there was a feature called “Proof of Adoption”. What are the plans for that?

A: Proof of Adoption is still in the development schedule and will be released in upcoming updates next year.

Q: What is a Common node?

A: A common node delivers a level playing field in the area of node rewards. Traditionally “Masternodes” and “Supernodes” are restricted to either very early adopters or wealthy investors. Common nodes provide almost the same incentives that Masternode holders receive, without the costly investment. The concept is based on driving adaptation amongst “common” investors while also providing them the opportunity to, not only profit, but also have the potential to reach Masternode status.

Q: How many transaction can Pura do per second?

A: over 100,000 network actions per second.

Q: How big is the block size and how many confirmations does it need in the future?

A: The current block size for Pura is 1MB. However, with the new wallet and its capabilities, we will be able to increase block size without a hard fork when it becomes necessary. Currently there is a minimum of 6 confirmations. In the future, with fundamental optimizations coming to the network, we’ll run models to discover optimal confirmation requirements.

Key Note Ending Statement

We really want to thank you all today.

We thank you for making PURA what it is, for your continued support and trust in our vision and our mission.

It is all of you who make PURA great and who shape society and the planet for a free and harmonious life. And it is all of you who are working with us to make PURA even better. Also, it is you who pave the way for our global community and network. At this point I would like to point out our merchant program on our merchant website. For businesses looking to grow in the new economy, inquire about more information, or sign-up for an account, visit http://www.pura4pos.com.

Thank you very much for your interest in the PURA Aurora Release and PURA Vida!

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