PURA To The Moon – 5 Reasons To Buy PURA Now

PURA To The Moon – 5 Reasons To Buy PURA Now

PURA To The Moon!

Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy PURA

PURA Vida everyone! No need to say PURA will go to the moon but maybe some of you still need convincing, so this article is for you.

Reason One – PURA Aurora Has Been Released

You were waiting for PURA Aurora Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a long time – it has finally arrived! PURA cryptocurrency, the world’s first socially and environmentally conscious cryptocurrency is proud to launch a new era. PURA Aurora brings mobile mining and a cross-platform that switches hash and difficulty functions for ASIC-resistance and allows users to seamlessly shift between multiple platforms. With the next release, users will also receive all future wallet upgrades and updates automatically, there is no more need for hard forks and swaps.The PURA Aurora interface for both desktop and mobile includes a simple push to deploy common and masternode buttons. These buttons are built directly into the wallet. To download the new wallet on GitHub, please click here. New block rewards and more blocks mean transactions fast as lighting. PURA to the moon – do we need to say more?

Reason Two – PURA Planet Is About To Kick Off

The time has come… for the crypto community to finish focusing only on greed and our own immediate wellbeing. It is time to start thinking resourcefully, sustainably and in the context of mankind and society as a whole. Unquestionably, we have to work as a network and to support and preserve the planet we live on.

As PURA is a digital cash movement for the common good, PURA brings together like-minded people in a network and shows us the future of democracy. In essence, the decentralization of cryptocurrencies is a completely new and fair approach towards the control of money supply. Hence decentralization of the money supply affords us the chance to redistribute resources to society.

This means PURA Planet is a real game changer! The PURA Aurora wallet supports PURA Planet and the first project, an ocean clean-up project to protect the marine environment, fauna and flora is about to start!

Reason Three – PURA Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Did you know that the PURA Developer Team has developed one of the globally most advanced AI Codebases? This codebase has won multiple AI hackathons that are amongst the most challenging in the industry. Thanks to the implementation of AI into the PURA design, PURA is ready to become the fastest payment coin worldwide! PURA Aurora AI introduces several layers of artificial intelligence into the blockchain. The result is a robust “emergent” network of self-organizing nodes that optimize efficiency and safety. Real-time communication between nodes trigger a network map that instantly restructures and re-routes itself in the event of a network outage. PURA Aurora AI’s machine-learning technology is also one of the lightest AI implementations.

Reason Four – PURA Currently Under Value

Currently, PURA is highly undervalued despite recent developments. First and foremost, this trend is attributable to the consolidation phase of the international cryptocurrency markets since January 2017 that has been affecting almost all coins. However, the value of the coin including development costs, brand value and value of exchange listings is higher than current market capitalization. Finally, PURA is a sustainable cryptocurrency for the common good. Unlike other coins, the long-term strategy of PURA entails mass adoption, in-depth education in blockchain technology around the globe, state-of-the-art technological development and protecting the environment. Read here to find out more on what PURA is about.

Reason Five – PURA Has One Of The Strongest Communities!

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, most PURA channels, such as the new PURA Discord channel are user-controlled. Active PURA ambassadors donate their time and expertise for the common good and all matters of social engagement. The community is highly active, engaged and growing on a daily basis. Our community members are always around to support each other and to discuss questions. Unquestionably, this adds to the high intrinsic value of PURA as a socially sustainable coin, setting it apart completely from “pump and dump” coins for short-term value.

In summary, these are only five reasons why now is the best time to buy PURA. Evidently there are many more! PURA should not be missing in any crypto portfolio as “PURA to the moon” is just a question of time! So, make sure you stock up on PURA today!

About PURA

As an international digital currency, PURA liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately, and instantly across a peer-to-peer network secured by the blockchain. As a conscious cash movement for the common good, ten percent of all PURA is contributed to PURAPlanet. This is a treasury trust for funding and tracking sustainable, environmental, and social projects around the globe. PURA Aurora’s strategic development and core technology are changing the development process from the ground up. The PURA Aurora AI update featuring mobile mining potentially makes PURA the most advanced blockchain payment coin the cryptocurrency market to date. For more information regarding PURA, PURA Aurora AI, and the PURA wallet, please visit our website and read the PURA Whitepaper.


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