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+++ PURA Aurora Release Update +++

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PURA Vida everyone – this news just in!
As promised, we are in the process of updating the network in the next few hours and wanted to give everyone an update and a taste of things to come regarding the release of PURA Aurora.

Status Quo on Update

We needed to push the network live prior to the wallet release. We will allow everyone to download the new wallet today as well as show them the web wallet for the first time. We think that everyone is going to be very happy with the look, feel, and functionality.
We want to make a few things very clear so everyone is on the same page about what happens next. As many of you know when a core is updated exchanges that are currently running the existing version of the wallet are required to update as well in order to transition over in an orderly fashion. As most things in the crypto exchange world are typically backlogged, we have only been able to open direct lines of communication with Kucoin at the moment.

What does this mean for me as a wallet holder/trader/regular user?

If you hold your PURA on a private wallet, you will simply need to update and away you go. Any PURA that you hold on exchanges will be held there until they update their respective wallets internally. Many of you have experienced this in the past with other coins while trading is halted for a period in order to allow the exchange to update then everything resumes as normal.

We have outlined a very straight forward guide for all exchanges and hope that they will follow this guide. In the event that they do not follow our guide or simply take their time to complete the update, there are a few things that you need to know:

1. Your coins are safe. This is not a hard fork. Any existing PURA that resides in the old version of the wallet will remain there. Once the wallet is opened again everyone (including the exchanges) will be prompted to update to the new version. Once this is completed everything will move forward.

2. The common and masternode push to deploy will become live starting today but we run the risk of freezing the network if everyone tries to use them all at once. Because of this, we will be releasing them in batches of 100 (first come,first serve) as soon as the release comes out. Each request basically requires our algorithm to assign an IP for the masternode and this runs through the VPS service. We have several thousand VPS’s ready but will again be at the mercy of time as to how quickly they will be assigned.

What does this mean to me as a current masternode owner or participant in a mining pool?

In order for the new rewards to begin, we need to reach network consensus. We have already been in contact with a large portion of the masternode holders and feel that we will reach consensus rather quickly. Once the consensus level reached the appropriate percentage, we will switch to the new rewards. Individuals or pools that are running the previous core version will be required to update in order to receive rewards moving ahead.

Any participants in mining pools are advised to reach out directly to your pool administrator and request an update. This guide will be posted very soon and again it is our goal to make this as smooth of a transition as possible.

In closing for now we are excited to work with everyone making this a great update experience. The new wallet and core code was stripped down to the bare essentials and rebuilt by members of our team, who we strongly feel are some of the best minds in the crypto space today. Future updates will happen automatically and smoothly both on the individual and exchange end.

We want everyone to know that we will be here to answer any questions that the community may have about the latest update and value your feedback. Finally, thank you all for supporting our vision to empower people and the environment through decentralization. Our team makes us strong but our community allows us to collectively become a powerful force that this world needs!

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