PURA Blocksize and Distribution

PURA Blocksize and Distribution

How will PURA be distributed after the release?

Allocation structure and distribution of PURA

The nature of PURA, like that of other cryptocurrencies, entails that there is no centralized authority running PURA. PURA is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning that all participants and stakeholders have to be in consensus to validate a block. No single one participant holds any greater influence than another to change a protocol. Participants are interdependent and have the incentive to cooperate to preserve network rules. These rules are in place to preserve the governance structure of PURA and also influence distribution.

As the PURA community has been growing, the currency is also evolving. As already presented, the PURA team is currently working on creating a system that will come into effect after the upcoming release. This involves not-for-profit elements to advance the core protocol.

The PURA development team has been focusing on making a functional coin that can be used for easy transactions that will be possible via mobile. PURA wants to give back both to the end-user and the world. With this in mind, we appreciate your patience and hope that you respect our decision to build something solid and usable in the real world. PURA is on the way towards mass adoption as opposed to other coins just trying to hype the coin for sake of short term movement in price.

Details of the PURA structure

Projected distribution in the near future after the upcoming release will be as follows:

Number of PURA blocks mined per day (on average, varies +/-2%): 1,550 blocks
Blocksize of each block mined (average): 10.0 PURA

After the upcoming release, the 10.0 PURA from each block will be distributed as follows:

Miners:                       2.0 PURA
Full Masternodes:      5.16 PURA
Common Nodes:        0.4 PURA
Proof of Acceptance:  1.0 PURA
PuraPlanet:                1.0 PURA
Governance:               0.44 PURA

In conclusion, this means mining nodes are forecast to receive approximately 3,100 PURA per day and common nodes approximately 620 PURA per day. Equally important, one share goes towards governance funds for further technological development of the PURA coin and marketing. The block reward of 10 PURA will decrease by 8% each year, starting 12 months after the release of PURA Aurora.

Simultaneously, the figure “Proof of Acceptance” will go into effect in the third quarter of 2018. In addition, every merchant who accepts PURA and registers as PURA merchant will receive a reward from the Proof of Adoption pool  for driving mass adoption. For instance, a shoe shop charges 100 Fiat for a pair of sneakers and accepts payment in PURA. The customer pays for her sneakers in PURA and the merchant receives an additional payment on his wallet. So, make sure you register your business today!





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  1. ” The blocksize of 10 PURA will decrease by 8% each year, starting 12 months after the release of PURA Aurora.”
    Are you sure you meant to write “blocksize” here and not “block reward”? In Bitcoin blocksize is typically measured in KB or MB. I am sure you do not want to reduce the blocksize. Most likely blocksize will grow over time. E.g. Dash has already anounced it will increase blocksize to 2MB. See here: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/2mb-blocksize

    1. Dear Peter:
      Thank you very much for your comment – of course it should read “block reward” and not “blocksize”. The error has already been corrected.
      Best regards
      The PURA Team

  2. When can we download the wallet for Mac IOS?

    1. Hello Fabian:
      the exchanges that are currently running the existing version of the wallet are still required to update in order to transition over in an orderly fashion. We will publish any news in a timely manner.
      Thank you and best regards
      The PURA Team

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