PURA Community Contribution – 8 Yr Old Sets Up Masternode

PURA Community Contribution – 8 Yr Old Sets Up Masternode

8-Year Old Sets Up His Own PURA Masternode

Unique Contribution by the (probably) Youngest PURA Community Member

We really could hardly believe our eyes when this video was sent in to the PURA Team. As a matter of fact, we are certain that no other coin in the whole world has such a smart and resourceful next generation getting started in cryptocurrencies. We got to watch with our own eyes as 8-year old Alex (Happy Stone) set up a PURA masternode! This is perfect proof that PURA Aurora makes setting up a masternode as easy as a few presses of a button.

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About PURA

As an international digital currency, PURA liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately, and instantly. As a conscious cash movement for the common good, ten percent of all PURA created is a contribution to PURAPlanet. This is a treasury trust dedicated to fund and track sustainable, environmental, and social projects around the globe. PURA Aurora’s strategic development and core technology are changing the development process from the ground up. The PURA Aurora AI update featuring mobile mining potentially makes PURA the most advanced blockchain payment coin the cryptocurrency market to date. For more information regarding PURA, PURA Aurora AI, and the PURA wallet, please visit: http://mypura.io and read the PURA Whitepaper.

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  1. How do you set-up a new MN when you have masternodes running already in the ‘old’ configuration on your own Linux server? Do I have to uninstall those? Also don’t understand where those MNs are deployed to? Who pays for that infrastructure ? Questions, questions, questions and very little help ..

    1. Hello,
      please make sure you join the Official PURA Telegram Channel at https://t.me/puraofficial where questions such as these are answered.
      Best regards
      The PURA Team

  2. Alex 8-years-old (aka @Happy Stone on YouTube) you are a natural #PURA #Lover and thank you very much for showing us just how EASY it is to start a Masternode with PURA!

    …you made it look so easy!

    Time to setup a few PURA Masternodes following your lead by example!

    Thank you

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