PURA News – Women Trailblazers in Blockchain

PURA News – Women Trailblazers in Blockchain

The Influence of Women on the Blockchain Community

A number of women trailblazers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution are more than just actively involved in leading projects. They are leaders who are already successful entrepreneurs. Today, women are founders of some of the biggest ICOs, digital currency payment platforms, and even blockchain tech development firms. Many have played active roles in improving the adoption of cryptocurrency in mainstream media and commerce. The following are only a few of those who “wear the pants” in the industry, and wear them well.

Analysis on Regulations

Andrea O’Sullivan stands out not just as a rare woman in an industry filled with men but for her insight. The co-author of Bitcoin: A Primer for Policymakers, she and co-author Jerry Brito describe how the Bitcoin protocol works. At the same time, they address misconceptions and provide fresh analysis of the latest policies and regulations. These could either help or hinder growth. O’Sullivan is a regular contributor at ThinkLab. Her Twitter stream contains links to original content on several web publications.

The first women this author remembers gracing the mega-media airwaves back in the day on the topic of Bitcoin are Reason Magazine managing Editor Katherine Mangu Ward and Shama Kabani. Kabani is CEO of Zen Media, a global marketing and new media firm. She was Top 10 in LinkedIns’ Voice in Marketingtwo years running. She was also in the Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25in Businessweek, Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in Americaby Inc, and Top 30 Under 30 Movers and Shakers by Forbes. Ward appeared on the libertarian FOX series “Stossel”.  Both women appeared more than once on Fox News during prime time to define Bitcoin for audiences in laymen’s terms. Several years later, their four-minute interviews (a lifetime in television) continue to run in place of international ad segments.

Engineering Meets Blockchain

She is already an accomplished aerospace and environmental engineer. She is also a PE Engineer, and former US naval officer tasked to build software platforms for air mission planning. However, Catheryne Nicholoson’s interest in digital currencies began while building a mobile web education app. Fast-forward a few years and the Bay Area native is now CEO of BlockCypher. She has expressed a desire to see more women involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Still, her real passion lies in getting more kids into STEM fields.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof was born 1983 in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is an international entrepreneur, tech investor and writer. Tarkowski has worked in Sweden, France, Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Libya, and Egypt. She started, and later sold the first Afghan strategic communication company. In the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring, she launched the Shabakat Corporation in both Egypt and Libya. Following the civil war in Libya, she turned Shabakat into a broader technology company. Her objectives were to enable crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain applications. Tempelhof is the author of The Googlement – The DIY Guide To Starting Your Own Nation (And Changing The World).

More than Blockchain Influencers

Amber Baldet, the woman who ran J.P. Morgan’s blockchain program, unveiled her new startup called Clovyr last Spring on CNBC. In the scope of this launch, she broke down in detail the value of blockchain technology in banking. The CEO and Co-Founder describes her company as a decentralized app store and developer framework for blockchain-related technologies.

Called the “Wonder Woman of Crypto,” Fahima Marissa Anwar has been creating awareness around Bitcoin and the blockchain for years. Director of Interactive Video & Experience Protocol, she’s also the Senior Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Dubtokens. Dubtokens is a blockchain-based utility token for IVEP. Anwar purposefully built a team made up of 90% women to encourage change in a male-dominated space. She is also founder of Spark Sessions, Canada’s largest influencer conference. At this event, women from different backgrounds and careers come together to connect and share knowledge.

Other women Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency influencers include Twitter handles like @JinglanW, @TheBitMom and @tonilanec. Add @scarrbondale, @ioptio, @BticoinBelle, @victoriavaneyk, @bitsmash, and @TinaHui. They all started somewhere. For some women, the dream of becoming their own boss in the crypto sphere happened overnight. For others it took years. Great success in business usually grows from a tiny seed. For these women, that seed was Bitcoin.

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