PURA Crypto News – HODL Like Scrat – Are You A Happy HODLER?

PURA Crypto News – HODL Like Scrat – Are You A Happy HODLER?

Where Is Your PURA?

The Silence of the HODLER

HODL, they said. PURA Vida everyone! We are not going to ask you where you are keeping your PURA as we are speaking. If you are happy HODLER, chances are you are going to remain silent anyways. All we can say is that we are hoping your PURA is either in cold storage or that you are getting ready to buy something. Pizza anyone? In case you are not aware, a lot of community members are already accepting PURA as payment. Read more here, here and here.

Do You Use Cryptocurrencies?

Seriously: as we keep hearing about all the benefits of cryptocurrencies, how is it possible that still only a minority of people actually uses them for transactions? Why are they not spending where they can? Cryptocurrencies offer fast transactions, highly safe, decentralized and low transaction fees. Then why is everything progressing so slowly? Moreover, why are cryptocurrencies still not an option attractive enough? You would think that in this day and age, users would jump at the opportunity to use them in everyday life but currently mass adoption seems to remain a song of the future. There are various reasons for this.

Not Enough Access to Knowledge

Unless you have been living in a cave on a remote island since the beginning of 2017, chances are that you have heard of cryptocurrencies. However, this does not mean that you know what they are or what to do with them. Education on blockchain technology is still scarce as universities and private institutions are only beginning to implement the subject into their curriculums. As always, people prefer to invest in things they know or can understand. Early adopters know where to inform themselves but many are more interested in investing than in actually using cryptocurrencies in their daily transactions. Does this mean crypto is elitist? Let us know what you think.

A Happy HODLER like Scrat

When Bitcoin reached astronomical levels in 2017, the majority of market participants “hodling” for dear life. There was no way people were going to sell their assets. And thus, the happy HODLER emerged. As the markets are currently undergoing a consolidation phase and there is little experience to go on how the market will develop in the near future, the landscape of investing remains a mystery to many. For the past months it seems the significance of mass adoption has been waning as users have been holding back or rather, “hodling” their coins, instead of trading or spending. Sort of like Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel from the movie Ice Age who was obsessively “hodling” his acorn. You as a happy HODLER are nodding in agreement as you are reading this, gently hugging a coin.

Uncertainty About Regulation

Needless to say, global events and news influence developments have a massive effect on the sentiment in the crypto community. Uneasiness and concerns are prevalent in Telegram channels and online forums and FUD travels fast. As news on nations working on impending regulations abound online and messages seem to change on a daily basis, it seems difficult to pursue a strategy. However, what many users seem to forget is that regulations also have the potential for positive development. They could speed up maturation of technological developments in the blockchain industry and advance prevention of fraudulent activities.


As we are living in the age of technology and the apparently lightning fast speed of virtually everything, we tend to forget that unprecedented technological developments take time. If we are dealing with a venture no one else has ever taken on before, we will ultimately encounter hurdles along the way. However, there are long-term benefits even in these obstacles as they help to further knowledge and experience of developers and users, thus turning such events into building blocks for solid and innovative foundations for products. In this sense, obstacles are bound to bring new perspectives and may even reveal entirely new opportunities for further innovation.

About PURA

As an international digital currency, PURA liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately, and instantly across a peer-to-peer network secured by the blockchain. As a matter of fact, PURA is a conscious cash movement for the common good. Ten percent of all PURA created is contributed to PURAPlanet. This is a treasury trust dedicated to fund and track sustainable, environmental, and social projects around the globe. PURA Aurora’s strategic development and core technology are changing the development process from the ground up. The PURA Aurora AI update potentially makes PURA the most advanced blockchain payment coin the cryptocurrency market to date. For more information regarding PURA, please visit: http://mypura.io





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