PURA pushing it over the goal line

PURA pushing it over the goal line

The long and honest road towards mass adoption

What drives human motivation

Most projects involving blockchain technology target mass adoption. Looking at the development of capitalization of the markets and investment may lead to the conclusion that great progress is underway. However, this assumption is greatly misleading. At the present moment, mass adoption is markedly lagging behind the increasing capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Under current conditions, in no way is mass adoption an indicator for performance.

The main reason for the increase in capital is on account of one of the most fundamental character traits of mankind – namely greed. The market is full of investors who exclusively want to multiply their capital. Many participants are mostly active in chart analysis and market psychology instead of the projects themselves.

In like manner, more negative market news garner much more attention than good news. Also, present market mechanisms significantly magnify the danger of the formation of bubbles. In many instances, the actual business models behind projects have little or nothing to do with market valuation.

PURA is a payment coin for long-term investment

At PURA, reaching mass adoption is one of our most important objectives. The greatest share of our efforts goes towards developing applications and into finding partners who share our long-term goals. We work with parties who want to be active participants in applications instead of becoming rich quick with coins. This is one of the main reasons why PURA is undervalued at the moment. However, we are not going to veer off our path and to stay true to our original objectives.

PURA is a cryptocurrency for the common good. We are setting the final foundations for becoming a coin that supports the planet with our next update in February. PURA is going to be the first coin to introduce a “Proof of Adoption” protocol. This means one part of the block rewards will go towards rewarding those partners who accept PURA as payment.

With this additional network in place, growth of applications will automatically become part of PURA. This concept is completely novel on the market and entirely different from all those projects that only aim to satisfy investors. It is the sustainable increase of application possibilities towards mass adoption that forms the foundation for coins that will survive in the long term.




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  1. I think, we are on the right way.

  2. “Proof of Adoption” victory road

  3. Noticed PURA value holding firm during the recent market dump. That shows Pura is doing something right. Appreciate the update but more frequent communication to the field would be much appreciated and will keep the followers and believers of Pura more motivated. Thanks

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment, we are always happy to hear from our readers. Could you elaborate on what you would like to read more about in terms of information? For more frequent updates on developments and discussion, we invite you to join the international PURA Telegram channel here: http://mypura.io/partners/
      (scroll down on the page and register).
      Best regards
      The PURA Media Team

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