KuCoin in the Headlines

KuCoin in the Headlines

After KuCoin exchange had announced its delisting of PURA at the end of January 2019, there was ample negative feedback in various channels. Quite a number of community members attributed the delisting on KuCoin exchange to low trading volumes of PURA, which in the opinion of many greedy market participants is not up to par. 

However, once again it goes to show that the world of crypto is not always what It appears. According to crypto publication The Block, it has turned out that teams behind numerous other coins besides PURA that had been previously listed at KuCoin had been advised by the exchange to comply with “special treatment rules” in order to encourage engagement in dubious market-making practices.

Despite massive consolidation going on in the cryptocurrency market, PURA remains a cryptocurrency to provide society as a whole with a foundation to practice decentralized social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development.

In line with this, PURA is still a decentralized coin. Regardless of the nature of developments in the cryptocurrency market, it is always advisable for participants to do plenty of research and to stay on top of news to ensure that they get an accurate picture of developments.

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