Join in the PURA Merchant Network – have you registered your business yet?

Join in the PURA Merchant Network – have you registered your business yet?

PURA Merchants around the globe

Merchant Update February 2018

After introducing our network project for PURA Merchant Partners, we are happy to give you a first update. Our merchant partners all over world accept PURA as payment. Over the past three months, the network has been expanding on a daily basis on the road towards mass adoption. Read on to find out about all the facts and figures on how PURA well on the way to become a payment coin.

Facts and Figures

As of February 1, the total number of PURA merchants all over the globe after successfully completing the verification and registration process is 58. Of those 58 merchants, 10 are located in Austria, 8 in Costa Rica, 8 in Ecuador, 8 in Switzerland and 8 in the United States. Six merchants are located in Germany, 4 in South Africa, 2 in Thailand, and 1 each in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico and Russia. In essence, this proves that participants all over the world work with cryptocurrencies in daily business transactions. Read more about the reward system that will be launched as part of the new release.

Correspondingly, PURA merchants are active in a variety of commercial fields. Seventeen merchants have registered in the segment Business and Industrial, 9 in Health and Personal Care and 6 in Electronics. Four merchants are active in Education, 3 in Sports and Outdoors and 2 in Collectables and Art. 2 merchants each are retailers in Fashion & Accessories, Home and Garden, Local Services, Toys and Hobbies. The segments Appliances, Apps and Games, Fitness, Motors and the Restaurant and Bar industry each have one merchant so far.

In the same way, if you are considering joining the network and becoming a PURA partner, visit our website. Find out all about how you can benefit with InstaPay and PrivatePay, or how to get a PURA ATM. Or search for a shop already in the network and check out our merchants’ map. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be glad to help you with any inquiries or to get you set up.



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  1. Felicitaciones!!! Pura tiene prácticamente en todo el mundo usuarios, está en camino de crecimiento masivo, la semilla está sembrada, solo es cuestión de tiempo para ver su gran expansión.

  2. This is so great! once we get mobile wallets for PURA we can speed up the merchant program as well since we can show business owners how easy it is to pay and and accept payment with PURA right from the mobile! PURA Vida everyone <3

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