PURA is working on self-deploying masternodes

PURA is working on self-deploying masternodes

Masternodes and common nodes

Development of integrated node systems underway

Happy Friday, PURA lovers! Many of you have been asking questions regarding the upcoming release and use of the existing wallet. We are also getting a lot of questions regarding masternodes. As we move ahead with the February release, we want to get all of you ready for the great features that we are developing for PURA.

First, new integrated node systems are coming up. Currently PURA masternodes require 100,000 PURA to receive rewards. However, the upcoming common nodes will only require 1,000 PURA. Our goal is to release the first-ever push to deploy node system for both desktop and mobile.

How is this going to work and how do I start?

Once we release the new wallet, your upgraded interface will include a simple push to deploy common and masternode buttons built directly into the wallet. This feature will automatically become available to you as soon as the coins you hold qualify for these rewards. This means you have to hold 1,000 PURA for common nodes, 100,000 PURA for masternodes. Just push the button and automatically receive rewards back into your wallet as they are released (less a small fee).

After several months of research and community engagement, we have found that many of you do not deploy masternodes. You may feel it is technically too complex or there is not enough confidence to deploy a masternode system. For this reason, we are take all of the leg work out of setting up your own and let you get back to just collecting the rewards!

The PURA development team is also in the process of adjusting the rewards system for both masternodes and common nodes. We will be posting these features prior to the launch. Make sure you keep checking our website for updates. Don’t miss any information – sign up for our newsletter today!

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